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cheryl_bites's Journal

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If you're interested in this journal it's probably something to do with football or Harry Potter. Here is a master list of my football fic. The Harry Potter fics are all at either The Silver Snitch or The Pit Of Voles.

Alternatively, you just like kniphofias. Fine by me. :D


romaniafootball - the inventively-titled community for fans of Romanian footballers. (Actually, we tried better names, but all of them were too long.) All of them seem to be either eccentric or certifiably insane, so if you enjoy seeing handsome men put amusing things on their heads, you will like it here.

footballsims - rivalling Romaniafootball in "does what it says on the tin"-ness, this journal is the showcase for my Sims 2 renderings of famous footballers. So far they've mostly had a lot of sex and beaten each other up, so, not that different from the real ones.


I have M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and am consequently both scatterbrained and lethargic. If I don't get back to you about something, or do things abominably slowly, it's probably because of that - sorry!

Schools: I wanted to enter "Homophobic Cesspit" under School, but LJ wouldn't let me. Don't know why - so many people went there! :(

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